Perhaps this will be your first experience in receiving a therapeutic massage or
body treatment. Lakeview Massage Studio provides a warm, quiet, safe and pleasant
environment for all clients.  

     It is recommended that you shower before you arrive for your appointment. You may
feel a bit more comfortable if you wear loose, comfy clothes. If at all possible, you
should drink one or two glasses of water before your appointment.  This will help flush
out toxins as they're released during the massage or body treatment, and make sure to
drink plenty of water after your treatment as well.

     It is best if you arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment. When you
arrive, you will be handed a questionaire about medications and etc. We will briefly go
over your answers and then you will be asked to enter the therapy room. The room is
decorated to create a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere for your experience.

     On your first visit, you will be shown where to hang up your clothes once the therapist
leaves the  room. Then instructed to lie on the massage table face up or face down,
depending on what issues you are having that day. If you are experiencing back problems,
we would begin with you face down in order to work on your back first.
      It is recommended to remove bras and underwear in order to achieve a long, healing
glide down the back and lower back. However, with underwear on, it is still possible to
access the areas needing to be worked, depending on the clients needs. All is discussed
between the client and the therapist.

      I respect the fact that some people feel more secure if they are able to leave their
underwear on, and that again, is totally acceptable.

      After the therapist leaves the room, the client undresses to their comfort level and
lays down between the sheets on the massage table. Lakeview Massage Studio
requires draping of each client during their massage session.

      Relaxing music is playing, soft low-lights, and in most cases, a  warming pad is turned
on underneath the plush fiber padding under your sheet- to keep you comfortable and warm.
When clients are receiving body work, it is normal for their body temperture to lower.
Having a warming pad on the table keeps the client nice and cozy, and warm.

      During the massage the client is covered between the sheets. When their back is
being worked on: the sheet is gently lowered in order to work on the back muscles.
When finished massaging the back area: the sheet is gently pulled back up. The arms
are uncovered one-at-a-time and then placed back under the sheet. Same with the
lower limbs. One-at-a-time they are worked on uncovered. One-at-a-time they are
placed back under the sheet.

      The front of the body is treated the same way. Your head is worked on first, with the
face next; neck and shoulder area; and if a man-your chest and abdomen; and if you're
a woman-your abdomen; then your upper limbs and lower limbs. When your massage is
completed, you will be told in a quiet manner, that the session is completed and that
you may take your time getting up off the table, and then the therapist leaves the

     It is recommended that the client take a few minutes to lay there and relax to get
their bearings back before attempting to get up off the table to dress.

     After dressing, the client leaves the room and meets the therapist in the waiting room
area.  This should be a totally relaxing experience for you, the client.

     Lakeview Massage Studio is a professional studio.


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