KRIYA MASSAGE: A wonderful relaxing, full body massage. Slip away for 60
minutes while listening to soothing background music while your licensed massage
therapist gently relieves muscle tension from your body.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: You will get to choose from a wide variety
Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO).  Once you have made your choice, I will
then blend the oils to create your customized massage oil.  When the massage is
completed, you, the client, get to take home the rest of 'your' customized product!
Each time you use the 'at-home' aromatherapy blend that you chose, and was
blended just for you, it will bring back memories of that serene and wonderful
massage experience!

KRIYA HOT STONE MASSAGE: Heated stones are incorporated into the full
body Kriya massage to help relieve muscle tension.

KRIYA NEUROMUSCULAR MASSAGE: This massage incorporates Kriya
massage techniques with a deep tissue massage for those hard to reach spots, as well as
loosening tightly-knotted areas.

KRIYA JOINTWORK: By working on the joint muscles, this deep tissue session
helps to improve circulation, motion, and eliminate pain in troubled joint areas.

What is Kriya Massage?

Kriya (kree-ah) means:  spontaneous-continuous energy.  

Kriya massages' healing, takes place on a cellular level and in the subconscious. Kriya
bodywork therapists have been professionally trained to flow with the Kriya movement
which allows a client to experience many levels of consciousness. The client leaves
peaceful and stress free.

Note: If you haven't yet experienced a Kriya Massage, you're in for a wonderful treat.
Serenity and relaxation shall be yours. You will feel the difference!