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KRIYA MASSAGE: $50. (1 hr);    $75. (1-1/2 hrs);    $90. (2 hrs)

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: $75. (1 hr);    $100. (1-1/2 hrs);    $125. (2 hrs)

HOT STONE MASSAGE: $85. (1 hr);    $100. (1-1/2 hrs)


JOINTWORK: $75. (1 hr)

RAINDROP THERAPY: $85. (1-1/2 hrs)

EAR CONING: $40. (30 minutes)
 (includes two cones - extra cones at additional cost)

New Paradigm MDT (formerly known as Shamballa/Reiki: $50. (1 hr)

CHAIR MASSAGE:  $1. (per minute- plus travel expenses)


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All Young Living Essential Oils are on sale at wholesale prices!!!

What a great way to save and begin to stock up for gifts for birthdays etc.



I also carry two great styles of Diffusers to diffuse those wonderful, pure, essential oils.  The diffusers are safe to use, no flames, no hot water.  Very safe to use around kids and animals.  By not heating up the water you retain the healthy benefits of the medicinal properties of the oils instead of killing them.  ($69)


MY PERSONAL STORY: I have NOT had a cold in FIVE YEARS!  Can you claim that statement?  I also have not had to digest any antibiotics either because of this.  What is my claim to this statement?  Five years ago I began using 'pure' essential oils, not the cheap synthetic ones that you can buy in a department store or gift store.

There are different companies just like any other product out there on the market today; however, the company that I chose was based on the products that I use in my Raindrop Therapy.  I use them, and I know they work.  It's that simple.

To prevent colds:  I use 'one' drop of Thieves Oil Blend in my diffuser each night, which is kept in our bedroom.  It's a fine cool vapor mist and it runs all night long.  Maybe eight hours total.  It is only about one-cup so it's not this huge vaporizer-type machine.

Thieves Oil Blend contains:  Clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus oils.  How can that be bad for you?

The story behind Thieves Oil Blend is something like this:  Years ago in France, they were experiencing the plague.  They piled the victims bodies in the middle of the city so they could eventually dispose of them.  It was discovered that 'thieves' were stealing items from the victims bodies, yet, they were not affected!  After their capture, for a lower sentence, they shared their secret:  They had some type of herbal solution on them that prevented them from getting it.  The recipe was then hung up in the library of the town of Marseilles for all to see!

So I am sharing my secret for all to use - if you choose!  Young Living Thieves Oil Blend does indeed work for me!!!  No cold in FIVE YEARS!!!